CIOB, HNB launch green credit card

Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) the pioneer which actively promotes Green constructions in Sri Lanka together with Hatton National Bank (HNB) launched a green credit card for people engaged in the construction industry as well as for professionals recently at the HNB auditorium.

The function was attended by CIOB President, Dr Rohan Karunaratne, Advisor Professor Chitra Wedikkara, Deputy Presidents, Jayakesh Tudawe and Ruwan De Silva, Executive Member Kalana Alwis, and Head of Credit cards HNB, Roshantha Jayatunga, as well as a host of distinguished guests attended the event.

President CIOB Dr. Rohan Karunaratne expressing his ideas said that the latest trend in the construction industry is sustainable construction and green construction, and this is the first time a credit card specializing in these areas is being introduced. He said that the green credit card will help those engaged in the sector to practice these concepts continuously by providing the much needed finance through the green credit card. I thank HNB for coming together with us to support this task.

He further said that most of the mega construction projects are undertaken by large foreign companies due to their strength in finance, manpower, material and other resources.

The local companies cannot compete alone with foreign companies and this is one of the challenges we face and to win this challenge CIOB is trying to gather all large scale construction companies and create a new structure.

We are also having discussions with the government to get small portions of large projects given to foreign companies. The green credit card will encourage green builders and support the endeavors launched by us, said Karunaratna.

Head of Credit cards HNB Roshantha Jaytunga explained the significance of CIOB -HNB Green credit card and said that entrepreneurs and professionals who are members of CIOB can obtain this credit card which is also valid internationally.

Therefore this credit card can be used to make payments locally as well as internationally, and can pay up to Rs one billion while the interest is very nominal. A long time is offered to settle the credit card. In addition when entrepreneurs and professionals go abroad the green credit card will help them immensely.

CIOB is engaged in promoting green construction for the last six years.



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