CIOB completes Level One – Lean Construction Course

The Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) recently finished conducting the Lean Construction Level One Course, which is the equivalent of a White Belt Lean Course. Participants for this course included engineers, surveyors and mid management staff from the medium to large companies in the construction sector.

Lean Construction practices enable companies to reduce the loss of resources in the construction industry, such as wastage of materials, delays in delivery, lack of communication between stakeholders, defects and corrections required, etc. Since the quantum of funds is so large in average construction projects, small savings will significantly improve budgets, timelines and profitability. In fact, the construction sector around the world has realised the need for significantly increased efficiencies and similar courses are being conducted in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Thailand, Australia and Malaysia.

The staff who attended were very pleased that they learned of new ways to identify and improve efficiencies within their organisations. Exercises conducted during the session included those to identify the eight Lean Wastes, Process Value Mapping and understanding how to draw “Spaggetti Diagrams.” Many of the exercises conducted were very practical and were designed so they could be easily adopted within their working practices

Dr Rohan Karunaratne, President, Ceylon Institute of Builders, who proposed the commencement of this Course, and stressed the importance of using Lean techniques to assist contractors reduce waste, which would then enable Sri Lankan companies to win more of the larger projects in the Colombo Megapolis. To date, all large projects have gone to foreign contractors. Professor Wedikkara, formerly of Moratuwa University, stressed the importance of training staff in Lean as procurement guidelines for government projects will include Value Addition and Lean Specialists within the corporate team in the future. She also stated that there is currently a high demand for Lean Certified Engineers and Construction staff in Qatar.

Participants who successfully complete the course would be awarded a Lean Level One Certificate at the forthcoming prestigious 8th World Construction Symposium, scheduled to take place in November 2019.The CIOB, who also formed the South Asian Lean Construction Institute (SALCI) last year, also intends to regularly conduct Lean Construction Courses and is planning a 2 day Yellow Belt Lean Course in September 2019. The courses are being conducted by Arosha Jayasundera, a specialist Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, who had been in the Operational Excellence industry for 15 years and has founded the Asian Institute of Excellence. She works closely with many government bodies and the private sector as a lecturer, trainer and senior management consultant.

Prof. Chitra Weddikkara interacting with participants

Prof. Chitra Weddikkara interacting with participants

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