Select a desired date from the menu below to plot an interactive map of 5°x5° gridded temperature anomalies. Drivers of Climate Change and Variability on the Northeast Shelf Climate Change Process Deriving naturally and from human activities on a global scale, there are various components ( Figure 1 ) that contribute to climate change and variability in the …
The above report used a standard risk-assessment approach to determine the … Climate Monitoring at NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information is committed to the monitoring and assessment of the state of the Earth's climate in near real-time, providing decision-makers at all levels of the public and private sectors with data and information on climate … The strategy identifies seven objectives to provide decision-makers with the information they need to reduce impacts and increase resilience with changing climate and ocean conditions.

Photo Credit: NOAA.

Report: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the Unites States (Risky Business is an initiative to assess the economic risks to the U.S. associated with climate change. Climate is described by statistics, such as means and extremes of temperature, precipitation, and other variables, and by the intensity, frequency, and duration of weather events.
... NOAA … These NOAA State Climate Summaries were produced in response to a growing demand for state-level information in the context of the Third National Climate Assessment (NCA) and subsequent sustained activities. Anomalies are based on the 1981-2010 mean.

Change over time Though warming has not been uniform across the planet, the upward trend in the globally averaged temperature shows that more areas are warming than cooling.

Scientific evidence now clearly indicates that the Earth's atmosphere and oceans are warming, and that these changes are primarily due to greenhouse gases from human activities. Learn more about the effects of climate change and NOAA Fisheries' role in monitoring changing ocean conditions. The NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy is part of a proactive approach to increase the production, delivery, and use of climate-related information needed to fulfill our mandates. V. Ramaswamy, “Anthropogenic and Natural Influences in the Evolution of Lower Stratospheric Cooling,” Science 311 … Photo: NOAA. Scientific evidence now clearly indicates that the Earth's atmosphere and oceans are warming, and that these changes are primarily due to greenhouse gases from human activities.

Changes in our climate and our oceans are having very real and profound effects on the natural resources we depend on—including our fisheries and coastal habitats.

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