Grainger carries a broad selection of fire alarm system components to help keep your warning system in optimal working order. This component is the control center for your fire alarm system. All these devices are connected to the Fire Alarm Control Panel, which acts as the heart of the fire alarm system where monitoring and control occurs. There are five major parts to a fire alarm system. Find wall- and ceiling-mount strobe horns, fire bells, pull stations, heat detectors, various types of smoke detector and more to help repair and maintain fire alarm systems. And even more important, a fire alarm system keeps the people in your building safe if a fire breaks out.

Is it the center of operations, monitoring all of the other components and protecting your building. A Fire Alarm System consists of the fire alarm control panel (FACP), initiating devices, notification devices, input/output modules, and other auxiliary equipment. This component monitors and manages the initiating devices and is the part that actually sends the signal to the devices if an issue is detected. The Control Panel. The alarm initiating device is what actually informs the fire alarm system that there is some sort of danger or fire emergency. The fire alarm control panel acts as the brain of a fire alarm system. A Fire […]

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