The revised measurement, from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, falls in the center of a hotly debated question in astrophysics that may lead to a new interpretation of the universe's fundamental properties.

Astronomers have made a new measurement of how fast the universe is expanding, using an entirely different kind of star than previous endeavors. Today, Cepheid variables remain one of the best methods for measuring distances to galaxies and are vital to determining the expansion rate (the Hubble constant) and age of the universe.

The Hubble constant is usually expressed in units of kilometers per second per megaparsec and sets the cosmic distance scale for the present Universe. The Hubble Constant is typically expressed in units of. However, you've combined the units in your final answer wrong. What is Hubble Constant? The inverse of the Hubble constant has dimensions of time.

See explanation for conversion. The Hubble's constant #H_0# is 71 km/sec/mega parsec, nearly. The Hubble Constant is the unit of measurement used to describe the expansion of the universe.The value of the Hubble Constant is important for both observations of the objects in the Universe, as it allows us to convert their recession velocities into true distances, and for estimating the age of the Universe. Thus the units of the Hubble constant are (km/sec)/Mpc. Physics - Formulas - Hubble's Law: Hubble's Law is similar to the Cosmological Constant the Albert Einstein abandoned (called his greatest mistake by Einstein himself). The slightly esoteric units give the velocity of the expansion in km/s for every million parsecs (Mpc) of separation in space, where a parsec is equivalent to 3.26 light-years.

Redshift is the phenomenon in which an object’s wavelength increases due to electromagnetic radiation. The "m" in Km s^-1 cancels with the "m^-1" in Mpc^-1 The units of your final answer should just be s^-1.

While constantly being refined, the value for Hubble's Constant is around 71 km/s/Mpc. The units are clear from the fact the constant relates distance and observed speed of galaxies.

What is Redshift? Hubble constant is defined as the unit of measurement which is used for describing the expansion of the universe. The expansion age of the Universe inferred from this was only 2 Gyr, but by the 1930's, radioactive dating of rocks had already shown geologists that the age of the Earth was 3 Gyr. Hence, the reciprocal of Hubble's constant gives you a time (the age of the universe in seconds) Hubble's constant in SI units is 1.62^-18 s^-1

Hubble‘s constant H is 160 km/s per million-light-years.

This post explains what the units of the Hubble Constant are, but not why they are what they are. H = km/sec/MLY (km per sec per million light years) or H = km/sec/Mpc (km per sec per million parsecs) This is a length divided by a time divided by a length so has units of 1 over time, but the two lengths are in different units. The Hubble Constant is a value that corresponds to the expanding Universe. This discovery marked the beginning of the modern age of cosmology. Hubble's initial value for the expansion rate, now called the Hubble Constant, was approximately 500 km/s/Mpc or about 160 km/sec per million-light-years. But the Hubble constant is supposed to measure the rate at which space is expanding, right? The Math / Science. Hubble Constant: 70.8 km/s per mega-parsec.. This is knows as 'Hubble's Law' and is described in the equation: In the equation, is the velocity of a receding galaxy, is the distance to the galaxy and is the Hubble's constant.

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