The jarosite exhibits unusual small, oriented laths directly adjacent to the spheres. Photo ID: 457481 Uploaded by: Yannick Vessely View Count: 378 Approval status: Public galleries Type: Photo - 1024 x 694 pixels (0.7 Mpix) VGD-UU3 Jarosite KFe 3+ 3 (SO 4) 2 (OH) 6. Jarosite Production: ... Jarosite Disposal. In thin section, when viewed in plane polarized light (PPL), quartz is colorless with low relief and no cleavage. Some of this jarosite in this sample contains up to 3 wt % As 2 O 3, although in most crystals it is >0.2 wt %. In thin sections, jarosite (KFe 3 (SO 4) 2 (OH) 6) is yellowish in plane-polarised light and orange brown in cross-polarised light (e.g. van Dam and Pons, 1973, Eswaran and Joseph, 1974. Its habit is either fairly equant or anhedral if it infills around other minerals as a cement.

3.1 Jarosite. xls and Kidwellite balls FOV : 2,20 mm Photo & collection Vessely. jarosite, Strengite (visual id.) For the 12 month period ended June 30, 1987 a total of 193,396 tonnes (dry weight) of jarosite was disposed of, which is 19.4% lower than the permit limit of 240,000 tonnes. Groundwater and pore-water chemistries were also analyzed. Between December 1973 and January 1988, 5287 shipments of jarosite, involving the disposal of about 2.4 million tonnes (dry weight) were made. In one thin section sample, a large mass of jarosite is observed near a cluster of spheres within SiO 2 (Figure 10 F). Sediment cores were studied by thin section, XRD and SEM-EDS. Jarosite is both an individual mineral, as well a group name of several similar minerals. 3.1.

Some jarosite crystals exhibit multiple stages of radial growth. Jarosite is the most common member of the group; some of the other rare members include Ammoniojarosite, Argentojarosite, Beaverite, Dorallcharite, Hydroniumjarosite, Natrojarosite, and Plumbojarosite. Additionally, although jarosite and alunite are typically segregated, some thin sections of the alunite facies exhibit pore spaces that are completely filled with <10 ┬Ám alunite crystals, and many of these crystals have jarosite cores . Jarosite. In thin sections, jarosite (KFe 3+ 3 (SO 4) 2 (OH) 6) is yellowish in plane-polarised light and orange brown in cross-polarised light (e.g., van Dam & Pons, 1973; Eswaran & Joseph, 1974).

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