this past Saturday to celebrate LaunchFest. SDO is designed to help us understand the Sun's influence on Earth and Near-Earth space by studying the solar atmosphere on small scales of space and time and in many wavelengths simultaneously. Headquarters PAO. SDO's fourth year in orbit was no exception: NASA is releasing a movie of some of SDO's best sightings of the year, including massive solar explosions and giant sunspot shows. In the last year, the sun has gone from its quietest period in years to the activity marking the beginning of solar cycle 24. April 21, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) First Light press conference, where NASA revealed the first images taken by the spacecraft. With a passionate commitment for broadly sharing NASA’s bold research initiatives, The Goddard Media Studio tells stories like no one else in the universe. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory witnessed a mid-level solar flare on April 17 that originated from an area of complex magnetic activity on the sun that has sported a large sunspot over the past several days. The movie (in extreme ultraviolet light) covers four hours of activity. Such eruptions are often associated with solar flares, and in this case an M1.7 class (medium-sized) flare did occur at the same time, though it was not aimed toward Earth. I feel privileged to work with the best. SDO Press Kit; SDO Guide; SDO Brochure; SDO Movie Poster; SDO RSS Feeds; Press Contacts. Goddard Media Studios. Members of the media, please contact any of the following: Goddard Space Flight Center. The sun is always changing and NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is always watching. SDO observed a beautiful prominence eruption shot off the east limb (left side) of the Sun (April 16, 2012). Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Thousands converged on Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. There are over 300 people working on SDO, 200 of whom work here at Goddard alone! Launched on Feb. 11, 2010, SDO keeps a 24-hour eye on the entire disk of the sun, with a prime view of the graceful dance of solar material coursing through the sun's atmosphere, the corona. Some consider SDO to be a follow-on mission to the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). It takes many different talents and skills to accomplish a successful mission. The predicted rain held off, encouraging approximately 13,000 people to visit the Center. Dwayne Brown Tel: 202-358-1726 [email protected] The SVS works closely with scientists in the creation of visualizations, animations, and images in order to promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at NASA and within the academic research community supported by NASA. For a comprehensive list of SDO RSS Feeds follow the link below; All RSS Feeds SDO Data Feeds; AIA 193 ; AIA 171; HMI Magnetogram ... Join us at the sunday experiment and learn about all the cool science and engineering going on right now at nasa goddard space flight center! The SDO spacecraft was developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and launched on February 11, 2010, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.The primary mission lasted five years and three months, with expendables expected to last at least ten years. SDO's sixth year in orbit was no exception. SDO captures images of the sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. SDO is designed to help us understand the Sun's influence on Earth and Near-Earth space by studying the solar atmosphere on small scales of space and time and in many wavelengths simultaneously. The total mass of SDO at launch was 3000 kg (6620 lb); instruments 300 kg (660 lb), spacecraft 1300 kg (2870 lb), and fuel 1400 kg (3090 lb). Its overall length along the sun-pointing axis is 4.5 m, and each side is 2.22 m. The span of the extended solar panels is 6.25 m. Susan M. Hendrix Tel: 301-286-7745 [email protected] Take part in hands on activities, meet scientists, engineers, and super cool people like us! The Scientific Visualization Studio wants you to learn about NASA programs through visualization. Media Resources.

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