Sort by. Some states don't allow grocery stores to sell liquor (whisky, rum, tequila, etc. Hard liquor has to be in a separate, licensed liquor store. All other county ABC stores sell hard liquor, as well as beer and wine. By having a lot of smaller liquor stores (and some larger ones) we are afforded a much wider variety of beer/wine/liquor choices (there is more space in a non-grocery store). Problem solved. Many places continue to have "blue laws" that restrict liquor sales on Sunday or during late …

Grocery and convenience stores that sell beer, wine and liquor will not be required to close early, so long as they stop selling packaged goods … Big package stores like Total Wine & More that want to sell both here have to have a completely … I've pretty much given up keeping it up to date; I reckon that half the places I listed don't ship anymore. Also, MD's alcohol choice is much less controlled by the state. Q. Guess what, it isn't anything unusual. I have a website that I maintained for years, listing stores that shipped.

Fresh, funny and down-to-earth, Peter Rockwell is the everyman's wine writer. Mostly because many of the craft beer stores I visited all had one major flaw in common: they didn’t sell individual 12 ounce bottles. 1 decade ago. "We appreciate the county's investment in our town," said Kerri Cook, president of the Town of Poolesville Commissioners. 7 comments.

sometimes wine/beer is just as potent as liquor, so why isn't all of it banned on Sundays? For example there are two liquor stores near my house, one gets every shorts release, every founders backstage, kbs, bcbs, etc. Right now, grocery and convenience stores in the state only sell beer that is 3.2 percent alcohol by weight. The only exceptions are grocers with attached liquor stores. Beer stores that ship interstate are dropping like flies. You say you have beer and wine, but I can’t find it in my store. Why not? During Michigan's stay-at-home order, adults can legally have liquor or marijuana delivered to their car or doorstep 100% Upvoted. “They [sell liquor] in 31 other states,” he says. save hide report. ), only beer and wine. Peter Rockwell. The average margin for beer is 30% or less. The MD State Licensed Beverage Association claims the law exists to protect Mom and Pop liquor stores from the competition of big supermarket chains. Answer Save. Wine and liquor on the other hand can have margins from as little as 50% on a cheap bottle and upwards of 400% on a rare or limited release bottle. It's the law. It’s far from essential that people stand around mulling over the rosé selection. Old prohibition laws made grocery stores and liquor stores different businesses and they don’t want capitalism/convenience to hurt thriving small family businesses in order to modernize outdated laws. Way before the pandemic. share. A. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia he's worked in the liquor industry for over 30 years and has written about wine, spirits & beer since graduating from the School of Journalism at the University of King's College in 1986. 1 decade ago. Preston L. Lv 5. They don’t operate stores or sell to consumers, so they don’t have to worry about the impact on small operator profitability or choice for consumers who don’t want to buy the mass brands.

While most of the stores I visited had very good selections of beer I can’t find here in Maine — saw lots of Bells, Troegs, Oskar Blues, etc. 12 Answers. If you think the liquor stores are omfg sleazy then don't drink. Many towns permit beer/wine/liquor stores to sell non-alcohol items including convenience store items at the same register. "The comptroller's position is, and has always been, that grocery stores should sell groceries and retail stores should sell beer, wine and spirits," Franchot spokesman Joseph Shapiro said.

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