Hathi Ordinary Portland Cement (53G)

Hathi Ordinary Portland Cement (53G)




High grade cement with a consistent 28 days compressive strength of the order of 63-68 MPa when tested in BIS approved laboratories.


Application For Foundation, Concrete Roads, Runways, Bridges, Flyovers, Culverts, Slabs, Beams and Columns
Features Controlled Heat of Hydration, Low Magnesia Cement, Low Alkali and Chlorides, Moderate Sulphate Resistance, Fineness: 300 to 325 M2/Kg, Compressive Strength: 48 to 55MPa/Week, Initial Setting Time: 100 to 150min, Final Setting Time: 150 to 230min
Grade Grade 43
Pack Size 1 Bag
Brand Hathi


Hathi ordinary portland cement 53g high grade cement with a consistent compressive strength of the order of 60-65 mpa, particularly useful for structural applications involving concrete of high strength, protects construction for a lifetime.


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